Top 30 iOS Interview Questions and Answers for 2023

I was built in the spirit of the Ruby Bundler gem and is a Ruby gem itself. The way it works is you install the gem, create Podfile in the root directory of your project, declare the pods (libraries) you want to use, and run pod install. Not mentioning at least AutoLayout and the fact that frames are hard to get right will be a red flag for your interviewer.

This question is an opportunity to show off your marketing savvy and demonstrate that you put thought into choosing a name that would help your app stand out from the crowd. If you have an inteview question you want me to answer you can submit it here. Presenter and the view are typically combined in a view controller where presenter is responsible for massaging and formatting data for display in the view. This is what they recommend to use, and it has the best integration with Xcode.

What is MVC?

Apple’s introduction of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology, iBeacon, is a new way for iPhones and other iOS users to receive location-based information and services. Method swizzling can be a powerful technique, but it should be used with caution. It can introduce complexity and make code harder to understand and debug. It’s important to ensure proper handling of concurrency and to document the swizzling changes thoroughly to maintain code clarity and avoid unexpected behavior. A UIView’s frame is a rectangle with a scale (width, height) and position (x,y) relative to the super view it is located within.

  • Christina is a senior QA engineer with expertise in test automation, test management, and manual testing for web and mobile applications.
  • Having published one or more apps in the App Store can show the developer’s prowess of iOS development.
  • For these types of questions, discuss a specific situation, what you did in the situation, and the outcomes you achieved.
  • Their answers can reveal their work experience and what they have experimented on.

Although a Computer Science academic background is often required, there’s a lot of room for on-the-job gained knowledge for mobile developers. You can use these questions to discover your candidates’ previous experience with programming languages, like Swift and their familiarity with iOS platform. Apple Inc. created Objective-C — a high-level programming language that adheres to the object-oriented programming concept. It is the most basic programming language iOS developers leverage to build software applications for iOS and OS X. It is an amalgamation of C and Smalltalk languages.

What do you think is the most challenging part of the iOS development process?

“Tell me a little about yourself.” You should focus on your education and experience, not your personal life. The interviewer is not interested in hearing about your marital or family status at this stage. Technical skills and expertise are necessary for all iOS Developers, but employers are also looking for the right personality and attitude. Personal questions assess whether you would be a good team member and how well you would fit into the company culture.

ios developer interview questions

The primary questions in Apple’s coding interviews include dynamic programming, graph algorithms, and problems related to trees and linked lists. You will need to put your skills on display in an interview for an iOS Developer job. Expect employers to ask technical questions that assess whether you can excel at the job. These may be given in the form of a whiteboard challenge or take-home assignment.

All You Need to Know About a Career in iOS Development

At the same time, copy means that the object will be cloned with duplicated value, but it cannot be shared with anyone else. When the property is called for the first time, an initial value of the lazy stored properties is calculated. This externalized state can be later restored without violating encapsulation and maintaining the privacy of data. IOS has specialized implementations of the pattern and uses it as a part of State Restoration. In this approach, a single class (FACADE) is constructed and contains user-defined functions as well as delegates that call other classes belonging to the system.

For example, if your tests covered 75% of 100 lines of code, only 25% of the code was executed. It provides a general indication of “how well tested” your code is and, thus, “how certain we may be that it will operate.” It is a system in xCode that dynamically calculates the size and position of all views based on the constraints placed on those views. Subscripts are shortcuts for accessing member elements of a collection, list, or sequence.

What is the difference between Cocoa and Cocoa Touch?

Ultimately, the tips above can help you remain focused and organized, and increase your odds of making a positive impression. You’ll do far more than offer exceptional answers to the senior iOS developer questions; you’ll come across as the consummate professional throughout the experience, and that can make all of the difference. Generally, you want to outline your basic process when responding to this question.

ios developer interview questions

Alternatively, you could discuss a recent project that made use of categories, allowing you to reference a specific example. One of the most important things to remember when developing an app is to consider the user experience. It is important to create an app that is easy to use and navigate. Additionally, it is important to consider the overall look and feel of the app. No one writes perfect code, and developers need to debug their code and profile apps for performance and memory leaks.

IOS Developer Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

A synchronous connection will block the calling thread while downloading the content and doing it’s communicating. At runtime, Dynamic Dispatch determines which implementation of a polymorphic procedure, such as a method or a function, to call. This means that when we want to call our methods, such as object methods, we must use this syntax.

ios developer interview questions

Finally, they may simply be interested in hearing the story behind the name and how it reflects the app’s purpose or mission. Functional reactive programming (FRP) is the new hotness in iOS/Swift, JavaScript, and other dev communities. Expect this question either on Swift features, or as a bigger architectural and conceptual discussion question. Code reviews are a less-involved type of collaboration that achieves much of the same results as pair programming does.