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How to Control Your Alcohol Intake

After all, many people developed their beliefs about alcohol from a very young age. Many people watch their family consume alcohol and have a joyous time, and others spend college years having the time of their life with friends at parties getting drunk. The belief “alcohol makes me happy” could feel like an unchallengeable […]

This Rare Condition Makes Some People Get Drunk, Even When They Haven’t Touched a Drop of Alcohol Smart News

During inpatient rehab, patients live in substance-free treatment facilities. They receive 24-hour medical care and therapeutic support. If you’ve been curious about how to stop drinking alcohol and get sober, you might be wondering where to start. Now that you are sober, you may have discovered that some of your past relationships were not only unhealthy […]

Understanding the Difference between Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Combined with medications and behavioral treatment provided by health care professionals, mutual-support groups can offer a valuable added layer of support. Binge drinking can have many of the same long-term effects on your health, relationships, and finances Facts About Aging and Alcohol National Institute on Aging as other types of problem drinking. Binge drinking can […]

Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving

Content Laws. Impairment Begins Below 0.08 BAC Judgment Don’t Let Alcoholism Destroy Your Life What Is Drinking And Driving (DUI)? Safety Belt Use Over the past two decades, fatal crashes not involving alcohol increased in each age group, indicating that the overall decline in alcohol-related deaths during this period was independent of changes in the age […]