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A Complete Guide to Using an eCommerce Chatbot: Examples, Benefits and How They Work

Ecommerce Chatbot: All You Need To Know They are set up with some rule-based tasks, but can also understand the intent and context behind a message to deliver a more human-like response. To be able to offer the above benefits, chatbot technology is continually evolving. While there’s still a lot of work happening on the […]

The Best Bots for Twitch and YouTube 2021 Update

How to: Fix Something went wrong error in YouTube Live Streaming The thoughtstuff Blog As a broadcaster, I’ve found it incredible to drive donations. It’s possible to even give “command credits” to viewers as giveaways. The chat interactivity is unlike any other program I’ve seen. You set the commands you want, and it is pretty […]

Top Platforms for Chatbots for Elevating Your Business in 2023

Hotels can integrate guest services, late checkout, room service, upgrades, extended stays, loyalty points and rewards, amenities, bookings, locations, concierge services and other discounts. The chatbot starts with a prompt that asks the user to select a product or service line. Based on your selection, it then puts you through a series of questions. How […]

Build with Leading AI-based Services and APIs

Natural Language Processing Functionality in AI Your software can take a statistical sample of recorded calls and perform speech recognition after transcribing the calls to text using machine translation. The NLU-based text analysis can link specific speech patterns to negative emotions and high effort levels. Using predictive modeling algorithms, you can identify these speech patterns […]

Benefits of Chatbot in Marketing

From offering flight information to booking one with your favorite seats, chatbots today handle flight management activities. Then came the websites for each airline that helped people book tickets without having any middle man in the process. Uncovering details about your target customers can be a very long and time-consuming process. With the use of […]